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Sethi's Sheetal Academy

" We observe that our society is changing very fast. In the era of 21st century education is must. Today criteria of education is English Speaking. If one knows English speaking He / She is considered to be highly qualified and knowledgeable person. Because of certain reason vast portion of our society is unable to speak English. Reason may be studies in vernacular medium or lack of speaking practice. We want this deprived section to speak fluent English so that nobody can dominate them."


English is now a days highly demanding language, If you want to gain knowledge about anything that is available only in English. So to get great knowledge English is must.


Fluent English plays an important role in Corporate communication. In order to create your place in your team, one have to have impressive communication skills.


We train our students to speak English but we also make sure that they are comfortable in speaking fluent language same as their own mother tongue.


While teaching spoken English we also train students to write letters and E-mails, which will help them in nearest future when they are enter in corporate world.


Knowledge of English is not enough if do not have right body language to support your statements, your words do not create that impact to the listener as it should create.


Stress Management is a sharpest tool required now a days and you should have this tool in your pocket when you go out in stressful world which is full of stress.


You should be able to manage your time and get maximum work done in limited period of time. Weak time manager wont be able to give enough time for any of the activity.


World is full of followers and you should be able to lead them. Here at Sethi's Sheetal Academy we train our students with leadership skills and transform them in to leaders.

Sethi's Sheetal Academy - English Speaking Institute, (Since 1989)

All organisations begin with a dream, a vision, a hope for a better tomorrow. The successful ones are those that never say die, never give up, until the dream is realised, the vision turns to reality. Sethi's Sheetal Academy is one such institution founded almost two decade ago, the institution is today, one of India's finest institutions. The entrepreneurial drive and commitment of the founder has been the guiding force of the institution continues today, as the institution looks forward, to even greater success in the future.

One can enjoy beautiful foreign books, movies, programmes etc. If He / She knows English for school or college education become easier. People take years to learn perfect pronunciation, Grammar, Vocabulary and confidence in speaking, but we teach these things in very short duration.

Frequently Asked Questions

Classes timing will be from 8 am to 9pm. Student can attend class as many times he / she wants to attend. There is no batch system in Sethi's Sheetal Academy.
Yes, There will be individual attention for each student in Sethi's Sheetal Academy.
Yes, There is age limit for students from 8 Year to 70 Year old student can learn with Sethi's Sheetal Academy.
No, There will not be any home work, all training and query solving sessions will be done in class itself.
Yes, There are number of skill development programs like Personality Development, Table Manners, Leadership skills and many more.

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